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On the ancient wall, I Bois Man! The sport of stick-fighting has existed for centuries all across Africa.

Moderate; involves working with the sticks/bois
$30 / per person

How are African Americans and Trinidad & Tobago connected? Through the Merikins, former enslaved from North America who earned their freedom by fighting with the British in the 1812-1815 war.

Moderate; selected stops/some walking; includes lunch
7 hrs
$97 / per person

From Anansi to Brer Rabbit, to Papa Bois and Old Hag – stories inspired by Africa resonate across its diaspora.

Family Friendly; storytelling in various settings
$30 / per person

The Africans were enslaved, but they never accepted it. Resistance to enslavement was constant; running away a common method. Africans ran to the hills and established their own societies called ‘maroon’ communities.

Challenging; requires a high level of physical fitness.
5 hrs
$60 / per person

Created in the Congo in the 1970s, Kwaassa Kwaasa is a joyful dance that celebrates freedom and encourages you to put aside the stresses of life.

Moderate; constant movement in a studio setting
$20 / per person

The ocean is important to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Our culture is diverse, influenced by Africa, India, Europe and Indigenous peoples. For many of us, going to the beach is a ritual. It is cleansing, rejuvenating and also spiritual.

Easy going with short walk to the beach
5 hrs
$60 / per person