About Us

We are Melting Pot Travel

Our DREAM is to inspire pride, respect and love for our local heritage & culture through exceptional tour experiences.

Every day, we deliver EDUCATIONAL AND ENJOYABLE TOURS to sites of Cultural Heritage in Trinidad & Tobago.

We champion the CONTRIBUTION OF our DIVERSE PEOPLES to the development of the country and highlighting the places where they have left their mark.

Why Choose Us

  •  We create truly exceptional tour experiences for you which are built upon our local ancestry, culture and traditions
  • We are experts in our field with over 50 years of experience
  • We are authentic which allows us to offer you unique, immersive experiences our competitors cannot duplicate

Our Team


Dara E. Healy

Founder & Managing Director

Dara is proud of her Heritage. She uses every opportunity to share information and stories about her traditions that inspire, enlighten and foster understanding. Showing T&T and its diasporas in a positive light? It’s her passion!

Hugh Thomas

Founder & Chief Experience Manager

Hugh’s love of adventure and unique experiences go well with his keen business sense. How? By making sure all our tours are immersive, exciting and affordable of course!

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